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A New Combined Fort Madison Elementary School to replace Lincoln & Richardson Elementary Schools.

The proposed General Obligation Bond will be used to improve the learning environments for our elementary students, and allow the District to expand our programming to include on-site Preschool.

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By combining our PK-3rd graders into one elementary school, we will be able to better provide educational environments that inspire and motivate learning for ALL of our youngest students. Additional advantages include:

Increased Instructional Time. A combined elementary school would allow educators to be more efficient by eliminating travel time between buildings allowing for increased collaboration and accessibility for all students.

Safety. Safety and security issues were not areas of concern when the elementary buildings were constructed 80-100 years ago. A new facility would include easily accessible and secure entrances.

Future Ready. The classrooms of today need to allow students the ability to work as a team. This teamwork allows students to not only develop better social skills, but also critical thinking skills, that will prepare them for their future.

With all PK-8 students at one campus, the school board has stated that district transportation will be available to all students. Please see the proposed site plan above.

The overwhelming majority of those who attended the community meeting and responded to our Facebook survey gave direction to the District to remove the activity fields from the original project scope. Although the majority agreed that there are needs at the activity fields, the main concern right now is for the elementary building.

With a successful bond election, classes in the new elementary school could begin Fall 2021.

Renovating the schools would be more costly and would not ultimately address all of the deficiencies with the current buildings such as:

• ADA Compliance
• Access to Technology
• Quality of Food Service
• Limited Gymnasium Space
• Overlapping Instructional & Cafeteria Spaces
• Intervention & Enrichment Spaces
• Lack of Climate Controlled Spaces
• Traffic Safety
• Parking

Bond 2016: $27,000,000 with a tax impact of $0.86 per $1,000 EAV

Bond 2017: $27,000,000 with a tax impact of $0.86 per $1,000 EAV

Bond 2018: $30,000,000 with a tax impact of $0.97 per $1,000 EAV

Bond 2019: $30,000,000 with a tax impact of $0.16 per $1,000 EAV

Equalized Assessed Value (EAV)
The equalized assessed value, or EAV, is the result of applying the state equalization factor to the assessed value of a parcel of property. 

The bond tax rate impact is being driven by a 12.62% growth in values of properties within the school district. This taxable valuation growth allows for this bond tax rate impact to be less than prior bond tax rate impacts.

Voter Information

Any registered voter living within the Fort Madison Community School District boundaries is eligible to participate in the election. Election day will be Tuesday, April 2nd, with the polls opening at 7:00 AM.

Not sure if you are a registered voter? Find out here.

You MUST update your information if you change your name, address, or party affiliation. You can find more information about voter registration and updating your registration here.

Yes. Find out more information about absentee voting and request your ballot here.

All ballots must be returned before Election Day, Tuesday, April 2nd.

Contact Denise Fraise, Lee County Auditor, at 319.372.3705 or email dfraise@leecounty.org

Where to Vote

March 22 • 12:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Fort Madison High School
Media Center

March 29 • 7:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Fort Madison Community Hospital
Foggy Conference Room

April 2 • 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Fort Madison Public Library – Fort Madison, IA
West Point Public Library – West Point, IA
Grace Bible Church – Wever, IA

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

What is my Bond Tax Rate Impact?

Use these simple calculators to determine how the bond measure will impact your property taxes. 

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