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Few Districts in Iowa are Growing

Most of the recent population growth in comparable-sized districts in Iowa has occurred in metro areas. We are proud to say that MOC-FV is one of the few districts in the rural areas of the state that is experiencing growth! This growth speaks to the strength of our community!

What We Are Proposing

Our first step in accommodating this growth was the recent improvements at our Middle School. The proposed $37 Million General Obligation Bond will be used to provide more capacity for our youngest students, and allow the District to expand our STEM programming and add security features at the High School.

Average Impact

Use the calculators to the right to find your tax impact based on your home or agricultural property.

Comparable District Levy Rates

We pride ourselves on being good stewards of our money and a financially responsible district. Even with the proposed levy rate, MOC-FV is still below the state average of $13.60.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have seen growth over the past 20 years, not only in our state and county, but in our communities in our district. This is an exciting time for our thriving communities, and we need to plan accordingly for the growing number of students enrolling in our District. The state projections show a growth of approximately 18-20 students per year based on conservative estimates. With these projections, the School District needed to develop a district-wide plan to address this growth.

The District worked with both the City and the Economic Development group in planning a district-wide solution. The Board hired Educational Consulting Services and CMBA Architects to prioritize our needs and explore possibilities with our current facilities. We engaged administration and staff as we worked through planning options, we toured facilities that represented our educational goals and developed a conceptual plan that creates a new single-site elementary school, athletic fields for the middle school and classroom additions and a secure entrance at the high school.

The Elementary School, Middle School fields and High School projects will be completed for the 2023-2024 school year at the very latest. We will work for a faster timeline if possible.

Enrollment has increased steadily over the past few years. Our projections show a continued increase of approximately 18-20 students per year, with future projections showing our total enrollment at 1500+ students by the year 2023.

Based on square footage per student and the design of the building, we are increasing our student capacity by approximately 200 students. In addition, construction will be planned in a manner that allows for future growth when needed.

When assessing our current facilities, the District quickly realized that the current elementary schools were at capacity and needed many mechanical, electrical and ADA updates. Even though these were all achievable, they brought no educational benefit to the students or the teachers for the cost that would have been required to make these basic updates. Adding to the pinch was the lack of site to expand the buildings to accommodate the additional growth that the District needs to plan for in the future.

The District has been in discussion with the communities and working with them on possible ideas. At this time, we cannot develop these ideas further until the developers and the city know the facilities are available, pending the approval of the bond referendum.

There are many benefits to combining the two elementary schools. Some of our main drivers are: teacher collaboration, equal opportunities for all elementary students, student collaboration, building efficiencies, site safety, and future expansions.

Looking at where 93% of the growth has been the past few years, the District searched for a centralized location that had 30-40 acres available for future building expansions, athletic fields, separate bus/parent loops, onsite parking and playground space. In partnership with the City of Orange City, the School District sought out ground that was available and in an area where city development was identified. This led us to a centralized piece of land between Alton and Orange City, with access to the Puddle Jumper Trail, and future access to Highway 10 and 460th Street.

The District chose not to prematurely invest in the cost of designing a project that has not been approved by the voters. Upon completion of a successful bond referendum, the District will immediately begin work on the design and plans to engage students, staff and the community in that process.

With all TK-5 students at one centralized campus, the school board has stated that district transportation will be available to all students. If the project moves forward, the district will work through a detailed transportation plan.

Yes, the scope of work for both the Elementary and High School facilities include secure entrances and safety features. Security enhancements at the Middle School are also planned, but will not be funded through the proposed GO bond.

A general obligation (GO) bond is a method of long-term financing that a school district may use to borrow money for construction projects. This spreads the cost of the project over a number of years, similar to a home mortgage.

The estimated cost of the proposed plan is $37 million and will NOT exceed that amount. The District first identified our capacity needs and then worked with our Architect and Construction Manager to determine what square footage would be required to meet those needs. The GO Bond amount of $37 million was calculated by the estimated construction costs for the needed square footage for the new Elementary School, the additions/improvements at the High School, and the site development costs.

Voting Information

Any registered voter living within the MOC-Floyd Valley School District boundaries is eligible to participate in the election.  Election day will be Tuesday, March 3, 2020.

Not sure if you are a registered voter? Find out here.

You MUST update your information if you change your name, address, or party affiliation. You can find more information about voter registration and updating your registration here.

Yes. Find out more information about absentee voting and request your ballot here.

All ballots must be returned before Election Day, Tuesday, March 3rd. General information about Absentee Voting can be found here.

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Any registered voter living within the MOC-Floyd Valley School District boundaries is eligible to participate in the election.

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